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Ellen's passion, motivation is to look for goals or achieve them with creativity and a strong will. This is not only her challenge but also yours. With a pronounced energy and enthusiasm she will help you in your search for your identity, goals and ambitions. After that, it is only child’s play to build the road to your goals and achieve them with a personal and durable change.

Ellen holds a master's degree in psychology at the University of Ghent, is psychoanalytic psychotherapist (Ghent University) and is recognized psychotherapist of your health insurance. She is also a member of the commission psychologists (Approval number: 862 109 206), the Belgian Federation of Psychologists and the Flemish Association of Clinical Psychologists. She is also connected to Ghent University as a practical assistant.

You can also ask Ellen for lectures, training and opinions. If you want more information about a particular topic or wish to transfer it to a group, you can count on an enthusiastic, educated and professional collaboration with the necessary expertise.


References: St. Jude Medical, AZ Sint Lucas, EOC

If you want more information or wish to make an appointment

+32 486 80 39 35