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My method is also your way of working. 'Talking about' is often threatening but often stops progress. It is important to know that your pace, determines my pace. The sessions are tailored to your needs, wishes and goals and everyone's individuality. There is both short-term and long-term guidance possible. If you wish feedback to your referrer, it is possible.

Appointment and intake

If you wish, you can complete a brief intake form for the first interview as a preparation. The first session is an exploratory interview: What is your cry for help, and what are your expectations? What can you expect? Subsequent appointments are made on the spot. You get a card with a list of agreements. If you can not be present at an appointment ​​, please notify the day before. If not, the full fee of the consultation may be charged.

If you want more information or wish to make an appointment

+32 486 80 39 35