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Who, what and how?

Both doctors, psychologists, paramedics, health centres, coaches, teachers, etc.. could come into contact with patients or clients for whom psychological counselling can be useful or additional, but is to time consuming or beyond their expertise.

As a referrer it is not always easy to motivate psychotherapy to the patient/client. Despite the fact that psychological counselling is becoming more and more an established concept and less of a taboo, there are still some people who consider it unnecessary, pricey, threatening or confrontational. To help you to lower the threshold for these people, you can download this flyer or contact me. If you wish, brochures and / or business cards can be delivered.

You can also go to Ellen for lectures, trainings and opinions. If you would like more information about a particular topic or wish to transfer it to a group, you can count on a smooth, enthusiastic, educated and professional collaboration with the necessary expertise.


You can contact Ellen or download the flyer. You are free to send a referral or give it with your patient or client. There is also an intake form with the possibility for the referrer to partially fill in. After the intake interview Ellen lets you know that your patient or client has visited her. If you wish, feedback or reporting is possible, but this is always done in agreement with the patient/client.

If you want more information or wish to make an appointment

+32 486 80 39 35